Ministry of War
Founded 1848
Service branches Danubian Federal Army

Danubian Federal Navy (Red Star Navy)

Headquarters Vienna, Austria
Minister of War Frederick von Innsbruck-Brno
Chief of the General Staff Symon Revenjo,
The Ministry of War (MoW ) is the executive department of the Danubian Federation charged with "coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government concerned directly with Federal security and the Danubian Federal Armed Forces." The Ministry is the largest employer within the Federation, and the 4th largest in Europe and the World. 

The Department is led by the Minister of War, and has two sub-divisions of which it is organized, the Danubian Federal Army and the Danubian Federal Navy (also called the Red-Star Fleet.) The Ministry is the most funded within the nation since its conception, and as such, has rapidly devoloped into a well organized administrative unit. The Ministry of War is currently led by Frederick von Innsbruck-Brno, a member of the Radical Union of the Federation.


The Ministry of War was formed during the Danubian Revolution of 1848 , officialy established after the fall of Vienna.