The Ministry of Space was the United Kingdom government agency responsible for the civilian and military space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.

Prime Minister Clement established the Ministry of Space in 1951 with a distinctly civilian (rather than military) orientation encouraging peaceful applications in space science. The Imperial Aeronautics and Space Act was passed on July 29, 1951, disestablishing Ministry of Space predecessor, the British Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (BACA). The new agency became operational on October 1, 1958.

Since that time, most British space exploration efforts have been led by Ministry of Space, including the Albion moon-landing missions, the Churchill space station, and later the Space Shuttle. Currently, the Ministry of Space is renovating the Churchill Space Station and is overseeing the development of a colonial base on Mars. The agency is also responsible for the Launch Services Program (LSP) which provides oversight of launch operations and countdown management for unmanned MoS launches.

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