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Empire of the Great Ming


First Establishment:1368 - 1867

Second Establishement: 1883-present


Greatest Extent of Ming Empire (c. 1790)

Motto: 天下皆明

(The World is Ming)

Military Motto: 不降便杀

(Surrender or Die!)

Capital Beijing
Largest Cities Guanghai (Shanghai), Shuntian (Nanjing), Tianjin, Dongping (Tokyo), Dongan (Osaka), Xinpenglai (Honolulu), Jinshan (San Francisco), Angang (Vancouver) etc...
Languages Han (mandarin), numerous dialects (Nan-fang-hua, Fusan (Modified Japanese), Gaoli (Modified Korean)), Luosha (Russian), Yingyi (English), Fayi (French)

Reign of the Chongzhen Emperor (1626 - 1656)

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