Mine Faithful King
Royal coat of arms of Westralia
Coat of arms of the King of Westralia
Imperial Anthem of the Russian Empire (1833-1917)
Royal anthem of Westralia-flag Kingdom of Westralia
Lyrics Edward Grayson, 1869
Music Alexei Lvov, 1833
Adopted 1870

Mine Faithful King is the Royal anthem of the Kingdom of Westralia, adopted in 1870. Mine Faithful King is based on the Russian Imperial anthem, composed by Alexei Lvov in 1833, with lyrics by Westralian poet Edward Grayson. The anthem was first performed at Alexander I's coronation on February 1 1870.


Mine faithful, noble King,
Thou art a blessing!
May great bells ring
And the black swans sing:

"Long live our gracious King!
May his reign take wing,
And may he bring
This great land great things!"

O sweet Liberty,
Born of thy great glory!
May thy grand reign bring great

May thou defend our laws,
And give us great cause,
To sing with heart of thee:
Long live the King!

Alternative versions

Prince of Swan version

Upon the investiture of Prince Theodore as Prince of Swan in 1877, an alternative version of the Royal anthem about him, though not officially adopted, became very popular.

O Little Theodore,
Thee, we adore!
Good Prince of Swan,
Thy great House lives on!

Royal child, with cheeks of rose,
Heir to papa's throne;
Of thee we sing:
May thou ne'er be alone!