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Mine Faithful Emperor
Imperial anthem of Westralia-flag Cygnia
Lyrics Edward Grayson, 1793
Music Alix Lawrence, 1795
Adopted 1797

Mine Faithful Emperor is the Imperial anthem of Cygnia, adopted in 1797. Mine Faithful Emperor was composed by Cygnian female composer Alix Lawrence in 1795, with lyrics by Cygnian poet Edward Grayson. The anthem was first performed at the 5th anniversary of Alexander I's coronation on May 5 1797.


Mine faithful Emperor,
Thou art our saviour!
May great bells ring
And the black swans sing:

"Long live our Emperor,
Guardian forever!
O may he bring
To this land great things!"

O sweet Liberty,
Born of thy great glory!
May thy grand reign bring great

May thou defend our laws,
And give us great cause,
To sing with heart of thee:
Long live our King!

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