Timeline: Hitler's Anxiety

OTL equivalent: Australia, New Zealand
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Dokuritsu, heiwa to meiyo (Japanese)
("Independence, peace, and honor")

Capital Isumi
Largest city Kazuni
Other cities Sodegaura, Inzai
  others Chinese
  others Buddhism
Ethnic Groups
  others Chinese
Demonym Minamese
Government Democratic communism
Kyaputen Kazuo Shii
Area 3,003,157 square miles
Population 87 million 
Established 16 February 1945
Independence from Japan
Currency Minamese yen
Minami, or the Republic of Minami is a nation situated in the southeast Pacific on the continent of Australia. The nation envelopes both Australia and former New Zealand. Minami has a strange type of democratic-communist government in which the people can elect who they want, but the only political party is the communist party, though the nation is by no means corrupt. It typically experiences a very hot and humid climate and enjoys a large diversity of wildlife in its 3 million square miles of land. It is not a popular immigration destination due to its dark history of racism and hatred.

Minami was founded in 1945 by Nosaka Sanzo upon the completion of the Pacific Purge and the release of the territory by the Japanese Empire. After the nation was founded, any whites wh may have come there for any reason were treated terribly, some were beaten and others killed. Because of this, it has no trade partners other than the Turkish Empire and China, forcing it to become self-sufficient and making it one of the largest economies in the world behind only Sahara, Mittelafrika, Russia, Japan, America, and Germany.

The nation has been staunchly isolationist throughout its history for the most part, barring an alliance with the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War just before World War III. Minami borders no other nations on land, and only shares a sea border with Japan. It has not directly taken part in any wars of any kind other than sending aid to Turkey during World War III.

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