Millennium News

English Logo of Millennium News

Millennium News is an independent radio broadcaster headquarted in Gettysburg, New Pennsylvania. Initially, Millennium News was launched as an FM Station made out of the local college radio station, and was used to alert citizens of the city on incoming threats. After much of the fallout had cleared and looting became less widespread, Millennium News began expanding to a DIY AM station to serve all of South Pennsylvania, and began telling of State news. In 2001, after receiving information that the United States of America had disbanded, Gettysburg officials negotiated with other counties in the area to form a United Republic to keep order. After this successful negotiation, the new United Republic of New Pennsylvania gave all their spare economic surplus to funding Millennium News. The network expanded their bureaus to other areas of lawless and stable areas of Pennsylvania, eventually setting up bureas in survivor countries around North America as contact was restored with many states. Millennium News, shortly after, made the transition to reporting on World News.

In 2003, Millennium News made their first bureau in South America, specifically in Peru. In 2004, Millennium News made their first bureau in Europe, in Cardiff, Wales. In 2005, Millennium News made their first bureau in Asia, in Macau. Recently, in January 2007, Millennium News made their first bureau in Africa, in Somaliland. Millennium News has yet to make a bureau in Oceania. According to a public economic report, Millennium News expects to create many more bureaus using their unexpected surplus, expecting to have put bureaus in a third of all the worldly countries by 2025.

Since 2010, Millennium News has made reports on the status of continents and their countries in it. Each of these are extremely intricate to their descriptions, and are highly awaited.

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