Unification Army
Armed Forces of the United Republic of Tiangong
Founded 1802
Service branches UA Ground Force
UA Navy
UA Air Force
UA Rocket Force
Supreme Commander Asami Saito, as President of the United Republic
Minister of Defence Kenji Hatoyama
Military age 20
Conscription Outlawed (since 1802, by Constitution)
Active personnel 5,120,532
Reserve personnel 785,985
Budget €900 billion
Percent of GDP 2,0%
 The Unification Army is the name of the national military of the United Republic of Tiangong.

On 25 August, both the Senate and House of Representatives approved the Military Disarmament Bill, introduced by President Asami Saito, who is a pacifist and has been a long time opponent of a standing army. The move has been greatly criticized by members of the Liberal Party, along with members of The Democrats. The bill will abolish the standing army and will reorganize most of the military into reserve forces.

All military officers are due to become part of the Reserve Forces of the United Republic of Tiangong. A small naval and air force will be maintained, along with a security force, mainly along the border. These changes are to be implemented before 1 January 2018. All military officers who become part of the Reserve Forces will be paid a salary until they can find a stable job or have a stable financial situation.

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