The armed forces of the Roman Empire consist of four main branches: the Imperial Roman Army, the Imperial Naval Service, the Imperial Aerospace Force, and the Imperial Cybernetic Guard. In addition there are the Ereunites intelligence agency, the Palatine Schools who provide security for the Emperor and other senior officials, and various law enforcement agencies.

The commander-in-chief is the Emperor, currently Constantine XXIV Theophilos, though this is traditionally subject to senatorial approval. Day-to-day management is handled by the Ministry of War, headed by the Imperial Secretary of State for War.

Imperial Roman Army

Each regional branch of the army is managed separately. The most senior military official in each diocese is the duke, except in Syria where both military and civilian authority is held by the exarch. He is assisted in each of the lesser provinces by one or more strategoi, while army units themselves are commanded by various grades of taxiarch and tagmatarch. NCO ranks include hecatontarchs and pentarchs. When operating overseas an independent duke or strategos is typically appointed to coordinate all units in an area. Success in these positions is often a prerequisite for promotion to more prestigious posts.

The army currently operates six active infantry divisions and four armoured, totalling some 200,000 soldiers. In addition there is a large body of reserves and, during wartime, conscription can increase manpower to several million.

Imperial Naval Service

The naval service consists of the Mediterranean Fleet, the Atlantic Fleet, the Far Eastern Fleet and the Imperial Marines. The Marines number some 15,000 highly trained soldiers, while the various fleets include six aircraft carriers, four amphibious assault ships, thirty missile cruisers, five nuclear-armed submarines and some 200 smaller vessels. These give Rome the ability to project force to any coastal region around the world.

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