The Zhusanjiao Armed Forces, also called The Pearl River Delta Armed Forces, is the official military force of the successor state of Zhusanjiao. The military was formed from the union of remnant British Overseas Forces Hong Kong, the People's Liberation Army, and Portuguese Armed Forces. It is one of the most diverse military forces in East Asia and one of the most-potent, next to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.




Because of the union of British, Chinese, and Portuguese forces, the Zhusanjiao Armed Forces has a unique blend of military hardware. European, Chinese, and occasionally WW2-era Japanese (captured or leftovers) and German firearms (supplied by Nazi Germany to Nationalist forces in the 1930s) are issued to regular ground troops. Former Royal Navy ships patrol alongside former People's Liberation Army Navy patrol boats. The air force has a mix a blend of fighter jets and propeller planes from World War II. The Armed Forces may purchase new equipment from the Philippines or the United States of the Pacific.

Small Arms

Picture Model Origin In Service Remarks
TT-33 Type 54/TT-33 China/USSR
Browning HP West German Police Browning Hi-Power Belgium/USA
300px-M1911 A1 pistol M1911 USA
Walter HP Speerwerke 1428 Walther P-38 Nazi Germany
800px-Nambupistol2465 Nambu Type 14 Japan
Submachine Guns
1280px-Pistolet maszynowy STEN, Muzeum Orła Białego Sten submachine gun United Kingdom
Sterling SMG Sterling submachine gun United Kingdom
MP40 Nazi Germany
800px-Пистолет-пулемет системы Шпагина обр. 1941 PPSh-41 USSR
Type 50 China
Type 100 Japan
Rifles and Assault Rifles
Lee-Enfield Lee Enfield United Kingdom
Mosin-rifles-1162 Mossin Nagant USSR
Kar98k Nazi Germany
Chiang Kai-shek rifle/Type Zhongzheng Rifle ROC
Type 38 Rifle Arisaka Rifles Japan
ChineseType56Carbine Type 56 carbine/SKS China/USSR
1280px-SLRL1A1 L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle United Kingdom
800px-ChineseType56 56-1typeAKmilledreceiver Norinco Type 56 Assault Rifle China
G3 Assault Rifle HK G3 Rifle West Germany
M1918 BAR M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle USA
Machine Guns
Lewis-1 Lewis Gun United Kingdom
800px-Hackenberg - browning M1917 M1917 Browning USA
Browning M1919a M1919 Browning USA
Machine gun M2 1 M2 Browning USA
Browning AN/M2 United Kingdom
Bren gun Bren LMG United Kingdom
Vickers MG Vickers machine gun United Kingdom
550px-Japanese Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun Type 92 LMG Japan
Machine gun Type 96 1 Type 96 LMG Japan
Type99LMG Type 99 LMG Japan
1024px-Japanese Type 11 LMG from 1933 book Type 11 LMG Japan
RPD-Light-Machine-Gun RPD Machine gun/Type 56-1 MG USSR/China
800px-Pk machine gun PKM/Type 80 USSR/China
DP-28 DP-28 USSR
MITRALOZ 12.7 mm KA DsHk machine gun USSR
Maxim M1910 PM M1910 Machine Gun Russian Empire
396px-MK2 grenade DoD Mk.2 fragmentation grenade USA
Mills bomb United Kingdom
Type 97 grenade Japan
Type 99 grenade Japan
F1 Fragmentation grenade USSR
M24 Stick grenade Nazi Germany
Rocket Launchers
800px-Soldier with Bazooka M1 Bazooka USA
800px-Rpg-7-1- RPG-7 USSR
Type69RPG Type 69 RPG China

Artillery, Anti-Tank, and AA Guns

Picture Model Origin In Service Remarks
300px-Japanese 25mm dual mount anti-aircraft gun - Guam Type 25 mm AA/AT gun Japan


Picture Model Origin In Service Remarks
Utility Vehicles
Willy's Jeep USA
Land Rover United Kingdom
Armored Vehicles
800px-Type 63 APC at the Beijing Military Museum - 1 Type 63 APC China
M4 Sherman M4 Sherman USA
Comet tank 1 Comet United Kingdom
Centurion United Kingdom
1024px-Type 97 Chi-Ha, Beijing military museum Gongchen Tank China
800px-Type 59 tank - front right Type 59 Tank China
800px-Type 63 tank - above Type 63 Tank China
Japanese Type 95 Type 95 Ha-Go Japan
Type 97 Chi-Ha in the Great Patriotic War Museum 5-jun-2014 Type 97 Chi-Ha Japan
Type 89 I-Go Type 89 I-Go Japan
Isshikityusensya Type 1 Chi-He Japan


Picture Model Origin In Service Remarks
Supermarine Spitfire
Hawker Hurricane
Lockheed P-38 Lightning USAF Lockheed P-38 Lightning
P-51 P-51 Mustang
P-40 Warhawk Curtis P-40 Warhawk
F-4U Corsair


Named Ships

The table will only cover the known named ships, for the Zhusanjiao Navy has obtained several ships from former PLAN ships that were captured after the collapse of the PRC.

Picture Name Class Remarks
ZS Hainan US Navy river gunboat Formerly named USS Wake (1927-1941), IJN Tatara (1941-1945), RCS Taiyuan (1946-1949) and used by the PLAN (1949-1960s).
ZS Kuang Chou Castle-class corvette Obtained from PLAN Kuang Chao.

Unnamed Ships (class)

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