History and overview

In the days that the Military Command Council ran Woodbridge, their military forces became known as the Woodbridge Air Force (WAF). To the amusement of the British citizens, this sounded a lot like WRAF. When the civilian government took over in 2001, the WAF was divided into land forces under the name of the Army of Woodbridge (AW) and a small air force called the Air Force of Woodbridge (AFW). The AW was originally based around the USAF 81st Security (Air) Police Squadron, which acted as the military police and ground defence force of RAFs Woodbridge and Bentwaters. The AFW basically consists of the aircraft of the old 67th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron.

The military forces of Woodbridge are a mix of volunteers and conscripts. All citizens of Woodbridge, once they reach the age of 16, can volunteer to serve in one of the branches of the military. Those who don't volunteer are obliged, when they reach 18, to undertake a 3 year period of service in the military. University students can defer their national service until they have finished their studies. If a person can persuade a mixed military/civilian panel that ,due to moral or religious beliefs, they feel unable to take up arms, they are allowed to serve in one of the non-combatant branches, such as the medical or supply corps. There are no gender restrictions within the Woodbridge military. Women can serve on the frontline, and two of the eight infantry battalions are commanded by women.

Woodbridge does not currently have much in the way of a navy apart from a handful of converted trawlers, although some larger boats are now being constructed at Lowestoft. In 2010, Woodbridge and Essex signed a joint trade deal with Sweden and Norway where those two countries agreed to provide them with a total of 12 old freighters in exchange for various manufactured goods and foodstuffs. Those freighters were converted to be used for trade, exploration, and military purposes.


At full strength the army of Woodbridge has 5240 soldiers who are divided thus:

  • Eight infantry battalions of 500 troops
    • Each battalion consists of five companies of 100 troops
      • The first company of each battalion makes use of Land Rovers converted into armoured cars with a roof mounted machine gun. The soldiers who use these vehicles have nicknamed them "combine harvesters" because they combine the transportation of troops with the "harvesting" of enemy combatants.
      • Each company is divided into two platoons of 50 men
      • Each platoon is divided into five sections of ten men
  • A tank unit consisting of ten tanks, divided into two squadrons of five tanks each. Each tank has a crew of four
  • Four special forces companies of 100 troops each
  • Two companies of engineers
  • Two companies of medics
  • Two companies of supply troops
  • Two companies of military policemen
  • One military intelligence company
Battalion Commanding Officer HQ Nickname
1st Colonel John Svartman Woodbridge Vikings
2nd Colonel George Fredrickson Woodbridge Poachers
3rd Colonel Helen Ogden Newmarket Steelbacks
4th Colonel Daniel Martinez Needham Market Wyverns
5th Colonel Yusef Karim Needham Market Farmers
6th Colonel Cassandra Hershey Felixstowe Trawlermen
7th Colonel Leonard Snart Lowestoft Smugglers
8th Colonel Edward Simmonds Downham Market Angles

The various specialized companies of soldiers are all based in Woodbridge


Commander Second in command Troops
Battalion Colonel Lieutenant Colonel 500
Company Major Captain 100
Platoon Lieutenant Sergeant 50
Section Corporal Lance-Corporal 10

After the wars against the TBA in 2010 and the disaster of the Ipswich Incident and the assault against the headquarters of the TBA in 2011 the Army was between 700 and 800 soldiers short of it's full strength. In order to build up the numbers again the government decided to try and persuade more people to volunteer by giving soldiers increased wage and pension rights. The Army reached full strength in early 2015.

Air Force

The Air Force of Woodbridge consists of seven HH-53 helicopters and seven HC-130H/N/P fixed wing aircraft.

The air force has a total personnel of 220 divided thus:

  • 100 aircrew
  • 80 groundcrew
  • 40 support (medics and supply staff)


The NW in as much as it exists at all is the very junior partner in the Woodbridge military. It consists of a handful of converted trawlers and is based in Lowestoft

Woodbridge Military Vehicles

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