Fuerzas Armadas Mexicanas
Military Age 17 years of age with consent for voluntary military service (1986)
Availability males age 18–45: 13,676,509 (2006 est.)
Active Troops 1,360,000 (ranked 2nd)
Commander-in-Chief His Imperial Majesty Emperor Fernando I de Iturbide-Habsburg
Chief of Staff General Miguel Lopez Obrador
Military Districts Yucatan, Central America, Tejas, Pacific, California-Nevada, Mexico, Florida, Louisiana, Northern
Conscription With Imperial Order and Congressional approval


  • Army Equipment: M-70 Tanks, other European models (average age 3), M178 Machine gun is standard issue
  • Air Force Equipment: Mexican models such as MAI 778, MAI 767, and other European models
  • Navy Equipment: Mostly destroyers and heavy battleships, as well as A/C carriers. MAI 666 is mainstay of Naval Aeronautics.
  • Marines: 670,000 men

Rank Insignia of the Mexican Army

Mexican Arms Industry

Ground Weapons

  • M-70
  • M 178 Machine gun


MAI: Mexican Aicraft Industry (Industria Aeronáutica Mexicana, IAM)

  • MAI 778 "Azteca"
  • MAI 767
  • MAI 666

Flag of Mexico (1821-1823)   Government of the Mexican Empire   Flag of Mexico (1821-1823)
The Emperor

List of Emperors | Fernando I de Iturbide-Habsburg

The Government

Mexican Congress | Elections in Mexico | Political Parties | Provincial Government

The Armed Forces

Military of Mexico

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