The Military of the Bengal Sultanate has a long and complex history and as a result has been involved in a wide variety of military conflicts. The military conflicts that the Bengal Sultanate has been or is involved in in the modern era is as follows. 

List of Wars


Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
Bengali Fitna 1795 - 1810 BengalSultanate Ashrafi Bengal Sultanate

Supported by:

  • Flag of the Aceh Sultanate Jaunpur Sultanate
UrdustanFlag Hindustan Empire

Supported by:

  • Asafia flag of Hyderabad State Nizam of Mayurbhanj
  • Empire of Lanka Empire of Lanka

Hindu orissa (PMII) Rajya of Visakhapatnam
Vigaynagar flag (Hindustani Raj) Rajya of Bhubaneswar
Flag of Hindustan (Saint Muhammed) Rajya of Hinduvta Bengal
Naam Tamilar 1 Rajya of Hinduvta Tamilistan

Ashrafi Bengal Victory


Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
First Deccan War 1847 - 1849 BengalSultanate Bengal Sultanate

Flag of the Aceh Sultanate Jaunpur Sultanate

4O6YT Deccan Sultanate Bengali/Jaunpuri Victory

  • Territorial Concessions by Deccan Sultanate
Second Deccan War 1850 - 1852 BengalSultanate Bengal Sultanate
4O6YT Deccan Sultanate Bengali Victory

  • End of the Deccan Sultanate
Punjab Liberation War 1868 - 1871

BengalSultanate Bengal Sultanate

Supported By

  • 4O6YT Bahamani Khedivate
  • Drapeau Udaipur Mewâr Udaipur Rajya
Sikh Empire flag Dal Khalsa Bengali Victory

  • End of the Dalsa Khalsa

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