Throughout Confortentur Victricis at one point or another, two players will engage in battle. To prevent pointless arguments, this page is created for players to battle in a manner that is both educational and reasonable. Below is an example map, for every post you make, you earn twenty soldiers, so after three updates on your timeline, you will have sixty soldiers. I will be creating several maps per week, and if you and another player have a battle and I have made your map for you, then please contact me at my talk page. Once a map is created, you and your opponents must explain their movements in battle and why they are legit. Ex.-

Bill- "I move my front rank of Norse Axemen into a wedge formation before charging the Lithuanian infantry. -35 men."

John- "My Kievan archers rain volleys of arrows upon the advancing Scandinavians. -40 men."



Example Battle

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