Miko Hughes

Miko Hughes
Portrait of Miko Hughes

7th Chief of the Chickasaw Nation
September 11, 2001 - Present (2002)

Predecessor John Hughes (father)
Successor Incumbent
Born February 22, 1986
Spouse None
Political Party Unaffiliated; generally leans toward CRP
Profession Politician; Acting career from 1989 to 1999

Miko John Hughes (born February 22, 1986) is the 7th and current Chief of the Chickasaw Nation (officially the Chickasaw Republic). Hughes had originally started out as a child actor at the age of three in 1989, and continued for the next ten years in that position, most notably starring as a young autistic child alongside American superstar Bruce Willis in the critically acclaimed 1998 film Mercury Rising. However, as the son of the 6th and then-current Chickasaw Chief John Hughes, Miko was also first in the line of succession laid down in the 6th Amendment to the Chickasaw Constitution (1963), and as such, his father finally convinced him to leave acting and study law and politics in an effort to groom him for the position he would one day take. He mostly obeyed his father's wishes, beginning law studies at Princeton in 1999, but sent off his acting career with a bang in the critically acclaimed sequel to Mercury Rising - Mercury Rising: Question of Morality, released in January 2001. Humbly accepting the international praise for his performance, Miko fully turned to politics late that spring, but his life took a sudden and unexpected turn when his father John was killed at the World Trade Center in the September 11th attacks while negotiating the release of Pat Redbone II. Miko's appointment and inauguration was just as sudden and confusing, as the line-of-succession clause of the 6th Amendment had never before been implemented in its thirty-eight years of existence. But, at 6:00 p.m. on September 11, the Chickasaw Nation again had a leader, its youngest ever and one who has become surprisingly well-versed in the field of both domestic and international politics. The most recent event in which Hughes showed his skill was the May 2002 IANA summit in Lakota City.