Mike Huckabee
Timeline: The Hammer, The Sickle, The Earth

245px-Mike Huckabee at RLC
Mike Huckabee, fourth President of the Confederate States.

4th President
August 19th, 2004-June 6, 2008

Predecessor Gary Bauer
Successor Robert J. Bentley
Vice President Robert J. Bentley
Born August 24, 1955
Hope, Arkansas, USA
Died June 6th, 2009
Arlington, Virginia, CSA
Political Party Independence
Profession Politician

Michael Huckabee was the fourth President of the Confederate States of America from 2004 until his death in 2008. Huckabee is remembered as one of the primary instigators of the Fourth World War.

Huckabee was elected as the first Confederate President not coming from the States' Rights Party of Wallace, Buchanan, and Bauer in a time when the Confederacy's influence on world affairs was seriously affected by the Soviet Union's influence on world affairs. The two countries each had occupation zones stemming from the Soviet Invasion of the Middle East, successfully completed in 2003.

In 2004 the Soviet Union announced it would be annexing its entire occupation zone, stretching from Jordan and Syria to Pakistan, as well as the entire Arabian Peninsula. This was furiously received by the Confederate government, which declared "Serious consequences if the Soviet Union's aggressive expansion continues".

Tension built when Huckabee famously declared that "The Soviet Union is the Babylon of this millennium. It has renounced all of God's teachings, and denies our Lord's very existence. This is a mark of a beast." Premier Yanayev responded in kind: 'Huckabee is nothing more than a repainted version of the Hitlerites of the Great Patriotic War: Nationalistic, stubborn, and too sure of himself for his own good." What was an exchange of insults became far greater, for an act of rebellion served as the Casus Belli for the deadliest war the world had ever seen before.

In 2005 two Confederate Soldiers, Timothy Davis and Robert Breckinridge, attacked the Soviet forces stationed in Cairo, motivated by a feeling that the Soviet Union was not allowing the rest of the world the amount of independence they desired. In response, Yanayev declared a state of war with the Confederacy, the Republic of Texas, and the Republic of the Middle Atlantic.

Huckabee was not surprised by this; he rallied the Confederate armies in Egypt. However, Huckabee had a trick up his sleeve: in a televised speech in Richmond, he declared that the Soviet Union "Threatens to destroy the Western World and the values it stands for." Furthermore, he stated "It is now time for our very civilization to stand together against this menace, and ensure that it must never rise again!"

The Soviet Union was alarmed at this speech, as many right-wing governments had risen to power in several Post-Union States, as well as in Western Europe. True to their suspicions, several leaders pledged active military support for Huckabee, including Rick Perry, President of the Republic of Texas, Nick Griffin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Roberto Fiore, President of Italy, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, President of Greece, Jose Maria Aznar, Caudillo of Spain, Jose Pinto Coelho, President of Portugal, Jean-Marie Le Pen, President of France, Takeo Hiranuma, Prime Minister of Japan, Jorg Haider, President of Austria, among others.

The Confederacy attacked through Egypt and sent forces to attack the Pacific Canadian S.S.R. with the Republic of Cascadia and the California Republic, as well as into Europe, penetrating as far as Minsk, including the celebrated victories at Berlin, Warsaw and Vilnius. From Japan, he also used Confederate forces to attack Soviet China, as well as its far east, invading Vladivostok.

However, as time passed, the Confederacy and its allies found itself increasingly pushed back after years passed, and the Soviet bombardment of the Confederacy from Cuba heightened, with the nuclear bombing of Tampa, Florida, and the invasion of the Floridan East Coast. In response, the Confederacy, via Britain, atomic bombed Murmansk.

In retaliation of the bombing of Murmansk, Yanayev declared that "The Confederacy currently risks receiving a liberal usage of nuclear weaponry. We bombed Anchorage, we bombed Tampa, and we will have no regrets if we bomb Richmond."

By April 2008, the Soviet Union had pushed its way through to the outskirts of Richmond, and in Europe all the way to Vienna, reclaiming its conquered territories. Huckabee, hoping to avoid capture by the Soviet Union, escaped to a bunker under H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program, a secondary school in Arlington, Virginia, while the Vice President, Robert J. Bentley, relocated to Reston, Virginia. Through interrogating various officials found in Richmond, the Soviet Commander determined Huckabee's location, in Arlington. Upon hearing the news, Yanayev personally ordered the nuclear bombing of Arlington, placed squarely on the bunker. Arlington was obliterated, Huckabee was incinerated, and Bentley assumed the Presidency.