It is the late 14th century, and the Little Ice Age grips Europe. Sea ice chokes the North Sea, glaciers swallow farms, and in Greenland, the Norse colony is on the edge of destruction. Cut off from Europe, alone in a world that grows ever colder, the Norse must adapt to Greenland - or die. The midnight sun is about to set on Europe's farthest outpost.

The Inuit watch impassively as old enemies and rivals struggle on the edge of starvation. They themselves can survive far worse conditions than this. The Norse obstinately cling to their European-style farms, refusing to learn from the barbarous "skraelings". In our timeline, the Norse clung to their traditions even into the face of death, leaving Greenland for the Inuit, to be forgotten in Europe. But what if the Norse had learned from the Inuit, and even traded and intermarried with them? What if Greenland survived to be rediscovered into the eighteenth century? What if an abandoned Norse outpost survived in the land of the midnight sun?

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