Middle Eastern Theatre (World War III)
Part of World War III
Date 3 April 2014 - present
Location Syria, Iraq, spillovers into Saudi Arabia and Israel
Status Ongoing
Flag of the United StatesUnited States

Flag of TurkeyTurkey
Flag of IsraelIsrael
Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
Flag of FranceFrance
Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Flag of AustraliaAustralia
Flag of QatarQatar
Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea
Flag of DenmarkDenmark
Flag of ItalyItaly
Flag of CanadaCanada
Flag of the NetherlandsNetherlands
Flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan

Flag of RussiaRussia

Flag of IranIran
Flag of SyriaSyria
Flag of PakistanPakistan
Flag of VenezuelaVenezuela
Flag of CubaCuba
Flag of ArmeniaArmenia

Flag of PalestineGaza Strip
Flag of Islamic State of IraqISIS
Flag of al-Qaedaal-Qaeda

  • al-Nusra Front
  • Khorosan
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United StatesBarack Obama

Flag of the United StatesChuck Hagel
Flag of the United StatesJohn Kirby
Flag of the United StatesLloyd Austin
Flag of TurkeyRecep Tayyip Ergodan
Flag of TurkeyAbdullah Gul
Flag of IsraelBenjamin Netanyahu
Flag of IsraelMoshe Ya'alon
Flag of Saudi ArabiaKing Abdullah
Flag of FranceFrançois Hollande
Flag of the United KingdomDavid Cameron
Flag of AustraliaTony Abbott
Flag of QatarTamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Flag of RussiaVladimir Putin

Flag of RussiaDmitry Medvedev
Flag of RussiaSergey Shoigu
Flag of IranAli Khamenei
Flag of IranHassan Rouhani
Flag of SyriaBashar al-Assad
Flag of SyriaFahd Jassem al-Freij
Flag of PakistanMamnoon Hussain
Flag of PakistanKhawaja Asif

Flag of PalestineKhaled Mashal
Flag of Islamic State of IraqAbu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Casualties and losses
43 aircraft lost, 12 ships damaged or destroyed, 47 personnel killed, 165 Israeli civilians killed, 481 Saudi civilians killed 28 aircraft lost, 38 damaged, 32,000 personnel killed, 30,000-35,000 Syrian civilians killed, 22,000-30,000 Iranian civilians killed

The Middle Eastern Theatre is the name for the Middle Eastern component of World War III. It mainly consists of the Iranian and Syrian campaigns.

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