This is a discussion of the Middle East overall war plan for alien defence.

Invited nations

  • Arabia
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Iraq
  • UAE
  • Levant
  • Syria
  • Jordan
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Kurdistan

War plan

Arabia proposal

  • Levant will hold the Dead Sea Canal until the rest of the Middle East is cleared of aliens.
  • Arabia will clear the aliens off their own land.
  • Syria will send half their force to help clear Arabia and the other half to Turkey to help hold back the attacks.
  • Iraq will send a force to help Kuwait keep the aliens back while it sends troops to Turkey.
  • Jordan will help clear Arabia.
  • Iran needs to send troops into India.
  • Turkey needs to hold their territory with Kurdish help until Arabia is clear when an attack to retake Istanbul will be launched.
  • Once Arabia is clear, Arabia and Jordan will send some troops to hold the Dead Sea Canal.


  • Yemen


Who will defend my nation (Syria)

Your nation isn't under attack. Use some new draft forces to do some defence but more or less you are safe. The aliens only appear to attack large cities near the coast.

Iran Dip: For just this once I will try to help.

The Levantine Federation already has its own war plan, but that plan includes Arabia's proposal. The Levant also announces that it keeps the possibility of helping take back Istanbul open, but that it doesn't promise anything.

Arabia: We will help with operations in Turkey once Arabia is secure.

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