Timeline: Invasion Iran

The Middle East Republic is an organization in the Middle East. It supports democracy in the Middle East.


The early roots of the Middle East Republic occurs during the end of the Israel War. Western Powers wanted to secure democracy and western ideas in the Middle East so they formed the Middle East Republic. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan are members. There are also peacekeeping members which watch over the Republic. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Israel are all peacekeeping members.


The military of the Middle East Republic is run by the peacekeeping members. Their militaries are combined. In each state (each member is referred to as a state) there is a militia. The militia is trained by NATO or US commanders. There are also NATO bases in the Middle East Republic. The Suez Canal is guarded by NATO soldiers as well. The Republic's military has only been used once. It was used as reinforcements in the Africa War (Invasion Iran).


The Government of the Middle East Republic is a council. The leader of the council is from NATO and the other council members have one seat except for peacekeeping members which have two. So their 14 seats in the council. The government of each state is different though. Because of insurgency each state is led by a NATO General. But a civil leader, not the general represents the state.

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