Microsoft Corporation
Former type Software Developer
Founded 1972
Headquarters Chicago, United States
Employment 28,000

Microsoft Corporation is one of largest American technology companies in the world, most famous for the Microsoft Operating Systems (MOS) that is an ubiquitous part of world wide computing, along with the popular Microsoft Internet Portal, and the Microsoft Office Package that are still used by millions daily.

Since it was founded in 1972 by Bruce Springsteen and Alfred Yankovich, Microsoft has become one of the largest companies in the world, and due to stocks and incentives given by the company, created five billionaires and 10,000 millionaires from its employees, making it one of the most profitable companies in the world.

In the late 1990s, Microsoft was accused of monopolistic practices, but after a long court battle, ultimately the case was dropped. However, Microsoft was still forced to spin off and write down many of the acquisitions it made during 1997, which resulted in the 1997 Tech Bust.

As of 2012, the various MOS systems created by Microsoft are estimated to be run on 76% of computers around the world.

List of MOS

Logo Name (US) Name (World) Year Released Year Discontinued Final Version Notes
MOS 1 (Chicago) N/A 1979 1984 1.31 The first MOS was mainly used by corporate subscribers. After the name of the beta release, being "Chicago" was leaked in 1982, most people began referring to the MOS by a name, which Microsoft continues to this day. Originally produced for the first California Computing machines built.
MOS 2 (Forest) N/A 1981 1987 2.62 The first commercially available MOS system, and the only one not named after an American city
MOS 3 (Detroit) N/A 1982 1984 3.51 Glitches and problems in code resulted in this MOS being discontinued after only 17 months.
MOS 4 (Louisville) N/A 1984 1989 4.23
N/A MOS World Edition 1 (Delhi) 1986 1992 1.3 The only edition of MOS created exclusively for non-US customers.
MOS 5 (New York) MOS World Edition 2 (Moscow) 1988 1999 5.19
MOS Albany MOS WE 3 (Tehran) 1990 2002 6.44 The numbering of the US MOS is dropped, retaining only the city name.
MOS Boston MOS WE Beijing 1994 2002 7.3 The numbering of MOS WE is dropped, retaining only the city name. First to be offered in China. Report in 1998 states that 87% of computers use MOS, over 80% of them using Boston/Beijing
MOS Kansas City MOS WE Montreal 1998 2005 8.23
MOS Portland MOS WE Dublin 2001 2012 9.8
MOS Sacramento MOS WE Paris 2006 Present 10.7 The first MOS to be allowed in France and other Sorelist countries. In 2010, a report said that over 68% of computers around the world use MOS, down from 1998 high.
MOS Reno MOS WE Warsaw 2011 Present 11.2