State of Michigan
— State of the United States of America
Timeline: Alternity

OTL equivalent: Michigan (minus the Upper Peninsula)
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Flag Seal
United States map - Michigan (Alternity)
Location of Michigan in the United States
Capital Lansing
Largest city Detroit
Other cities Grand Rapids
Language English
Ethnic groups
White (non-Hispanic)
  others Native American, Black,
White (Hispanic), Asian
Government Representative
  legislature State Legislature
Governor John Engler (R)
Area 80,265 sq. mi. 
Population 9,307,000 
Admission January 1837
Currency USD
Time zone Eastern Standard (EST)
  summer Eastern Daylight (EDT)
Abbreviations MI

Michigan (MI) is a state located in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Admitted to the Union as the 27th state on January 26, 1837, Michigan is located entirely on a peninsula perhaps best known for its geographic shape, which is said to resemble a mitten. It shares borders with Wabash and Ohio to the south, the Canadian province of Ontario to the east, and maritime borders with Wisconsin to the north. Michigan's population of just over 9.3 million ranks it as the 11th-largest state in the US.

The state's largest city of Detroit (pop. 890,000) is known as the leading center for automotive manufacturing in the United States, largely consisting of the dominant Ford Motor Company, its subsidiaries of Lincoln, Mercury, and Edsel, and three of their chief rivals, DeLorean, Packard and Chrysler.