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Michel Ney
Timeline: French Trafalgar, British Waterloo

250px-Marechal Ney
Portrait of

Premier of Metropolitan France
May 6, 1819 – July 17, 1827

Predecessor Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord
Successor Gilbert du Motier

Grand Marshal of the French Empire
7 August 1827 – 16 August 1840

Predecessor none, post created
Successor Horace François Bastien Sébastiani
Born 10 January 1769
Saarlouis, France
Died 16 August 1840
Orleans, France
Spouse Aglaé Louise Auguié
Profession Soldier, politician

Michel Ney (10 January 1769 - 16 August 1840) was a French soldier and military commander during the French Revolutionary Wars, First Great European War and the Prussian Expansion War. He was one of the original 18 Marshals of France created by Napoleon I. He was known as Le Rougeaud ("red faced" or "ruddy") by his men and nicknamed le Brave des Braves ("the bravest of the brave") by Napoleon I. He was also an important advisor to Napoleon II after the death of his father and his ascension to the throne.