Michael Petrović-Njegoš
Mihailo Petrovich Negosh.jpg
Reign 7 March 1921 – 24 March 1986
Coronation 7 March 1921
Predecessor Danilo of Montenegro
Successor Nicholas of Montenegro
Spouse Geneviève Prigent
Born 14 September 1908
Podgorica, Montenegro State flag of Montenegro (Alternative 2014)
Died 24 March 1986
Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro Flag of Montenegro (Alternative 2014)
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy

Michael I was the king of Montenegro from the death of his father, Danilo of Montenegro, in 1921, to his death in 1986. He was succeeded by his son, Nicholas of Montenegro. Because parts of his reign were pre-Serbian-Montegrin Constitutional Revolution, Michael has had actual power in Montenegro. He lead Montenegro during the Vojvodina and the Constitutional Revolution. Views on him are mixed; right-wing Montenegrins loved him while leftists didn't.

His political views were predominantly right; during his reign the Conservative Party gained massive traction in Serbia and Montenegro. His reign was marred by complaints by leftists; during this time a small amount of leftist Montenegrins moved to Serbia.

He ruled over Montenegro during both the Vojvodina and the Constitutional Revolution. He supported the incorporation of Vojvodina into Serbia and Montenegro, though it resulted in an Austrian victory, embarrassing the entire nation of Serbia and Montenegro. He also lost the Constitutional Revolution, forcing the monarchies of Serbia and Montenegro to become constitutional monarchs.


Michael ruled during a turbulent period of Montenegrin history. He witnessed the creation of Serbia and Montenegro, and helped create it by expanding the ties between the kingdoms of Serbia and Montenegro. He also witnessed two wars; the Constitutional Revolution and the Vojvodina crisis; both of which were losses. This helped add on to his mixed reception by the Montenegrin public. He supported the annexation of Vojvodina by Serbia and Montenegro; supporting the unification of all Serbs.

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