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Michael Jardine

Michael Jardine
Portrait of Michael Jardine

Prime Minister of Scotland
May 1995-May1999

Predecessor: John Cunningham
Successor: Alex Wishart

Prime Minister of Scotland
May 1991 - October 1993

Predecessor: John Cunningham
Successor: John Cunningham

Prime Minister of Scotland
May 22, 1989 - February 1990

Predecessor: John Cunningham
Successor: John Cunningham

Leader of the Reform Party
1986 - 2001

Predecessor: Kenneth Munro
Successor: TBD

Minister of Finance

Predecessor: TBD
Successor: TBD
Born: April 30, 1946
Spouse: Mary Jardine
Political Party: Reform Party
Profession: Politician

Michael Joshua Jardine (born April 30, 1946) is a Scottish conservative politician, he previously served as Prime Minister of Scotland on three occasions (1989-1990, 1991-1993, 1995-1999), he also served as Leader of the Reform Party from 1986 to 2001.

First elected to parliament in 1970, Jardine served in cabinet under Kenneth Munro as Minister for Justice (1978-80) before being promoted to Minister of Finance (1980-1981). He suceeded Munro as leader of the Reform Party in 1986, and formed a minority coalition government following the 1989 election. The government was defeated over its budget proposals, and following the subsequent election Labour were able to form a government.

Jardine led the Reform led coaliion back into government following the 1991 election. In October 1993 his government suddenly fell over a Finance Bill, and Labour formed a government without an election. The centre-right coalition returned to office following the 1995 election. The coalition were defeated at the 1999 election by the Labour Party led by Alex Wishart. Jardine remained leader of the Reform Party in opposition, until he was ousted in a no-confidence vote in 2001.

He remained a backbench MP, and only narrowly held his seat at the 2003 general election. He subsequently sought to regain the party leadership, losing to David Joyce. He returned to the frontbench as shadow foreign affairs spokesman, but was dropped from the shadow cabinet following the rise of Karen King to the leadership.

He remains in parliament as a backbench MP, and is the current Father of the Parliament.

Early Life

Michael Joshua Jardine was born on April 30, 1946 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His father, Malcolm (1908-1970) was a lawyer, and would later serve as Reform Party MP for Edinburgh Southern from 1957 until his death.

Early Political career

Jardine had been active in politics from an early age, joining the Reform Party in 1963. He became active in politics in his father's Edinburgh Southern constituency, and had his eyes set on running for Edinburgh City Council in 1971. In August 1970 Malcolm Jardine died, suffering a fatal heart attack, and Jardine was easily elected as his replacement. In doing so he became the "Baby of the House".

Leader of the Opposition 1986-1989

Prime Minister 1989-1990

Opposition 1990-1991

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