Michael I (Michael Alexander Sigvard) is the current King of Florida, and he also holds the title Prince of Sweden (being a male-line descendant of Prince Gustavus and Queen Victoria I of Sweden). He is the second monarch of the house of Bernadotte in Florida.

He was born on 21 August 1944 in the Royal Palace, Tallahassee, Florida, the only child of King Oscar I and his second wife, Queen Sonja, née Robbert. He became King upon the death of his father on 5 February 2002.

He married on 6 February 1976 to Christine Wellhöfer (born 1947), a daughter of Ernst Wellhöfer and his wife Erna, née Kromer. King Michael and Queen Christina, as she is known, have a daughter, Crown Princess Catherine (born 1980).

King Michael I of Florida is #42 in line of succession to the Swedish throne (although he would not be able to actually inherit the Swedish throne without first renouncing the Floridan throne, as the constitution of Florida forbids any personal unions). King Michael is able to speak English, Swedish, Danish and German.

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