Miguel I
Timeline: Puget Sound-1

2nd Emperor of the Empire of Mexico
July 19, 1902-1919

Born 1869
Died 1925

Franz Miguel Joseph was the son of Emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota of Mexico, and the second Emperor of the Empire of Mexico. Upon Maximilian's death in 1902, Michael would assume power at the age of 33. He would continue his father's social reforms, historically settled disputes over Baja California between the UKC and Mexico, and fought against a CSA supported guerrilla war in the Yucatan between the Empire and republican minded rebels. However, Michael also faced a republican inspired revolution in 1910 which he was unable to suppress, leading to the overthrow of the Empire and the establishment of a republic in 1919.

In 1925, Michael would die in exile in the United States of a heart attack at the age of 56.