Michael I
Timeline: Magnam Europae

Holy Roman Emperor
17 November 943 – 28 February 961

Predecessor Christophorus I
Successor Charles II

Carolingian Emperor
12 August 942 – 28 February 961

Predecessor Christophorus I
Successor Charles II
Born 7 June 928
Died 28 February 961
Spouse Alana of Brittany
House Carolingian
Father Christophorus I
Mother Alana of Brittany
Religion Christian

Michael I (7 June 928 - 28 February 961) was the Carolingian Emperor from 12 August 942 until his death in 961. He was also the Holy Roman Emperor from late 942. The son of the prolific Christophorus I, Michael I struggled to live up to the legacy of his father. During his rule, Michael bartered a temporary peace with the Emirate of Sicily in 953, ending the First Sicilian War. This peace lasted until 959, when the Emirate of Sicily attacked Reggio di Calabria, sparking the Second Sicilian War. Michael did not live to see its end in late 961.

Early Life

Michael I was born to Alana of Brittany and Christophorus I in 928. Raised by his father, Michael I was one of the only people Christophorus seemed to have warmed up to later in his life. The Carolingian Emperor tutored Michael in almost everything that he knew, intending for Michael to be the best emperor that he could be when Christophorus passed away. Christophorus even allegedly arranged for the murder of several people that could have impeded Michael's authority as Emperor.

As Christophorus continued to spiral into mental decline as the result of a brain tumor, Michael became one of his only charges. Christophorus passed away in 942, leaving Michael as the emperor of the Carolingians.