Michael II
Michael II
Emperor of Alaska
Reign 1887 - 14 November 1893
Coronation 1887
Predecessor Feodor II
Successor Nicholas I
Spouse Anastasia Feodorovna Tolstoy
Issue Nicholas I
Grand Duke Konstantin Mikhailovitch
Grand Duchess Ivana Mikhailovna
Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovitch
Grand Duke Pavlov Mikhailovitch
Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna
Grand Duchess Alexandra Mikhailovna
Grand Duchess Maria Mikhailovna
Full name
Nikolai Nikolayevitch Dmitrov
House House of Dmitrov
Father Pavlov Dmitrov
Mother Ivana Pavlovna Gromyko
Born 4 July 1833
Petropavlovsk, Alaska
Died 14 November 1893
Sitka, Alaska
Burial Cathedral of the St. Michael the Archangel, Aleksandrgrad, Alaska

Michael II of Alaska (born Mikhail Pavlovich Dmitrov) (4 July 1833 - 14 November, 1893) was an Alaskan politician and noble who staged the Dmitrov coup in 1887 at the tail end of the Alaskan War, removing the Lermontov line from power and thus beginning the current control of the Tsar's office by the House of Dmitrov. He is often regarded as one of Alaska's worst and most brutal monarchs due to his reactionary tactics, bolstering of the power of his military leaders and anti-Semetic policies in the early 1890's.

Early Life


Michael II and his wife Anastasia had eight children, six of which lived to adulthood.

Nicholas I of Alaska (1857-1934) Grand Duke Constantine (1860-1935) Grand Duchess Ivana (1864-1909) Grand Duke Michael (1865-1867) Grand Duke Paul (1870-1926) Grand Duchess Anastasia (1872-1966) Grand Duchess Alexandra (1873) Grand Duchess Maria (1876-1960)

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