Michael Howard
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
In office:

March 17, 2005 - June 27, 2007

Preceded by: Michael Portillo
Succeeded by: William Hague
Chancellor of the Exchequer
In office:

July 10, 2001 - March 17, 2005

Preceded by: Peter Lilley
Succeeded by: Oliver Letwin
Foreign Secretary
In office:

June 3, 1999 - July 10, 2001

Preceded by: John Redwood
Succeeded by: William Hague

July 7 1941, Gorseinon, Wales

Died -
Nationality: British
Political party: Conservative

Sandra Paul

Children: Nicholas, Larissa
Alma mater:

Peterhouse, Cambridge

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Judaism

Michael Howard is a British conservative politician who served as Prime Minister (2005 - 2007). He was one of only a handful of British politicians to serve in all of the four great offices of state (Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Chancellor and Prime Minister) and as such was an influential political figure during the Conservative government's of 1996 until he retired from government in 2007.

He was considered Portillo's natural successor following the resignation of Ken Clarke in 2003, and was in effect the de facto Deputy Prime Minister during the last two years of the Portillo government.

Howard won the leadership election that ensued following Portillo's surprise resignation in February 2005, and led the Conservatives to a victory - albeit with a drastically reduced majority - in the May 2005 general election.

His leadership marked a slight turn to the right, particularly over Europe.

Pressure mounted on him to resign following disappointing results in the 2006 local elections.

In May 2007 he resigned, feeling he would be unable to lead the Conservatives to a fourth successive general election victory, but remained acting leader until his successor was elected.

Early Life

Early Political Career

Home Secretary 1996 - 1999

Howard served as Home Secretary for most of the Portillo government's first term. Being seen as a strong law-and-order figure, Howard was considered Portillo's largest concession to the hard right of the party.

Foreign Secretary 1999 - 2001

In the reshuffle that followed the resignation of John Redwood, Howard replaced Redwood as Foreign Secretary.

Chancellor of the Exchequer 2001 - 2005

2005 Conservative Party Leadership Election

Following Portillo's resignation announcement Howard was the immediate frontrunner for the leadership, so much so that other potential candidates David Cameron, Liam Fox and William Hague were quick to endorse him.

Howard officially announced his candidacy on 17th February, stating that if elected he would continue to promote "new blood" into the cabinet. The remark backfired somewhat, with Private Eye portraying him as a Vampire.

He faced Kenneth Clarke, David Davis, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Ancram in the first ballot, with Alan Duncan announcing his intention to stand before withdrawing.

Howard led on the first ballot.

Prime Minister


Prime Minister - Michael Howard

Deputy Prime Minister -

Chancellor of the Exchequer - Oliver Letwin

Foreign Secretary - William Hague

Home Secretary - David Davis

Defence Secretary - Liam Fox

Health Secretary - Andrew Lansley

Education Secretary - David Cameron

Employment Secretary - Iain Duncan Smith

Environment Secretary -

Business Secretary - George Osborne

Transport Secretary - Theresa May

Scottish Secretary -

Welsh Secretary -

Post Premiership

Howard remained a prominent backbencher for the rest of the parliament, but announced he would step down at the next election.

In 2010 he was created Baron Howard of Lympe.

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