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This page refers to the South Florida Metropolitan Area, colloquially and often known as Miami. Before Doomsday, the greater area of Miami was America's seventh largest city, the capital of banking in the Western Hemisphere, and home to the busiest cruise ship port in the Western Hemisphere. On Doomsday, however, Miami was hit by three 1MT Ballistic Missiles and other strikes occurred at local military bases. two were airbursts, and 30 minutes after the airbursts a ground burst hit whatever remained of the city.


Three confirmed strikes have been confirmed to have hit the Greater Miami Area, along with one in western Miami-Dade County. These are:

  • Homestead AFB - Destroyed the city of Homestead along with damage to Florida City.
  • Miami - The heart of Miami was struck with two 1MT missiles. The precise location is believed to be around Brickell, along with a strike around the Kendall area. The blasts reached as far North as Fort Lauderdale, and as far east as Key Biscayne.
  • Fort Lauderdale - The second largest city in the area was hit with a missile of unknown size, but it completely destroyed the city up to Delray Beach.

Rumored Strikes

  • There have been varying reports on whether or not Hialeah was directly hit. The city is indeed gone completely, but there is no crater to be found. Some have suggested there was an airburst attack.

Places Not Struck

  • West Palm Beach - Palm Beach County was not struck, and the Fort Lauderdale strike decapitated I-95, making movement northward by refugees impossible. The Fort Lauderdale blast caused massive die-offs, especially in the southern half of the county around Delray Beach. The destruction of most major roads both north and south of the county meant that the city was more or less left to use whatever natural resources it had to its disposal. After several years, the city eventually fell into chaos.


Few refugees from the Miami strike survived to tell the tale. The attack on Fort Lauderdale impeded any fleeing northward, those that did survive fled westward through the Everglades, many of them settling there.

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