Mehxihca Trèinej
National Aztec Railways
Type Incorporation
Headquarters Tenochtitlan, Aztec Empire
Key People
Tlaxixco Mexi
Sihuca Tonantzin
Carlos Copaxi
Industry Rail Transport
Revenue ₮ 25,100 millon
Employees 229,000 (2006)
Mexihca treinej

High Speed Train lines in the Anahuac (grey lines are up 160 km/h)

Mexihca Treinej (MT) or Meshica National Railways is the Aztec national railway company, a private joint stock company. Headquartered in Tenochtitlan, it came into existence in 1902 as the successor to the state railways of the empire, the Uitstlan Treinej in south, Paktinemi Treinej on the pacific coast and the Ayamiktlan Treinej in the north. It also gained ownership of former railway assets in the Tenochtitlan and Chichen Itza subway systems.

Tenochtitlan Central Station

Tenochtitlan Central Station

MT is organised as a business group and has over 100 subsidiaries. It describes itself as the largest transport company in the world and is the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in America. About 3.4 billion passengers are carried each year, but if we add the number of passengers carried by the Chichen Itza and Tenochtitlan subways systems, the number rises to about 5.9 billion.

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