Republic of Mexifornya
Republica del Mexifornya
— Territory of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Baja California Sur, other Gulf of California Settlements
Flag of Mexifornya (NotLAH)
Flag of Mexifornya
(and largest city)
La Paz
Other cities Loreto
Language Spanish, English
Religion Catholicism
Population 1,204,155 (1995 Estimate) 
Established 1973
Admission None Projected
Currency Peso
Time zone UTC -7
Abbreviations MXC

Once established as a joint Alaskan-United Republics Colony. Following Alaska's disappearance from aiding the colony, the United Republics took full administration of the colony in 1984.  The United Republics in 1992 promoted La Paz's status to territory, allowing for it to have non-voting representatives in both houses of the legislative branch to represent their citizens on committees and in discussions in the houses on bills. Mexifornya's energy is supplied through the solar panels and natural gas deposits. While offshore oil is available, Mexifornya does not currently use offshore drilling, but has set up the rigs. Also in the economy is the mineral industry, specifically silver. However, a Mexifornya and La Paz serves as a major trading port for the Pacific Coast, specifically for United Republic's exports of raw materials. Fishing and agriculture are the major food sources of Mexifornya. The United Republics has a naval base on the southern tip of the nation.