Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Timeline: [[[1]]]

OTL equivalent: Mexico
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Mexico City
Largest city Mexico City
Other cities other cities
language (official) Spanish
  others Portuguese, English
[[List of Directors of short name (in English) ([2])|Director]] Juan Martinez
[[List of Presidents of short name (in English) ([3])|President]] Ignacio Díaz
Area 1,964,375 sq km (including Dominions) km²
Population 12,050,000 
Independence 16th September 1810
Currency Peso

History Post 1900

The CoLA Years

The Beginning

In 1904 Mexico applied for membership of the Confederation of Latin America or CoLA. Mexico had supported the Dominican Republic's attempt to annex Haiti from the start, and knew that to succeed it needed allies. The strategists reasoned that Mexico would not find help in Europe, and that any attempt would meet with near vassalisation. So the government turned to the three year old, promising Confederation.

The Glory Days

With CoLA knowhow and financing the government began a program to provide basic Education and Healthcare (creating state run school and healthcare systems) as well as industrialising rapidly.

Mayan Rebels in Yucatan Received notification that the government wished to enter negotiations, to which they eagely responded. Talks were surprisingly short, lasting only two months, at the end of which the state of Yucatan was given semi-autonomy, modeled on Britain's Dominions. The new state was named the 'Mayan Republic of Yucatan'.

The End

Mexican Civil War

Started: 2nd July 1907

End: Continuing (In Game)


US Invasion

In January 1908 the US invaded Mexico stating their aim to be to " end the civil war and bring peace and prosperity to Mexico." Since the Martinez Line was unmanned the army was able to sweep in from California, Texas and New Mexico. However both the rebels and the remnants of the government saw this as a falsehood designed to allow a expansionist land-grab. With supreme haste the fighting stopped and the fractions banded together to defend what, despite disagreements over how it should be run, everyone saw as their homeland.

By January 1908 and despite calls from Great Britain to step down, the USA had occupied the northern states and was finalising plans for the invasion of Mexico City. In the northern states, fierce resistance had begun with large scale guerrilla warfare being raged. Meanwhile in Mexico City, preparations had begun for a long siege. Conscription was introduced, with most people sanctioning it, riding a wave of patriotic fever. Defensive lines were dug and adding to the cities defenses became a hobby among many. A few dedicated souls even devoted their entire free time to it. Hospitals were restocked and Warehouses filled with food.

Troops from New Zealand Landed in the south, to stop the shaky coalition of factions from falling apart. They also provided Humanitarian Aid and set up refugee camps.


Name: Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Flag: Mexican Flag

Ideology: United, non-affiliated Mexico

Supported by:

  • New Zealand (troops and aid workers)
  • Arabia (troops)
  • Ottoman Empire (aid workers only)
  • Italy (troops)
  • Great Britain (troops, stopped with the US invasion )
  • Dominican Republic (troops)
  • Costa Rica (Troops)

Name: Pro-CoLA Liberation Front

Flag: Purple with a rising sun in Yellow

Ideology: Pro-CoLA, as pre-resignation

Supported by:

  • Dominican Republic (troops)

Name: People's Republic of Mexico

Flag: Mexican flag with the green stripe being Red, eagle not on a cactus but clutching a hammer and sickle

Ideology: Communist Mexico

Supported by:

Name: United Latin American Army

Flag: Red South America on White background, surrounded by gold Ring

Ideology: United, Fascist Latin America, Pro-CoLA

Supported by:

Name: Mexican People's Alliance

Flag: As Mexican flag, but eagle clutching lightning bolt and flying.

Ideology: Fascist Mexican Empire

Supported by:

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