Flag of Mexico

Post-war Mexico prospered, with war reparations as well as US capital flowing into the country alongside annexation of Guatemala and Belize. They are one of America's greatest allies in the Americas. Their GDP is roughly 76% that of the United States, with a population of 120 million and a well-equipped and trained army. Recently, there has been a treaty between the 2 nations that will enure cross border co-operation in ending illegal immigration. They are also one of the few countries in the Americas to have the atomic bomb.

Mexico's relationship with the United States is very close, so much so that some Mexican people joke about it being the 65th state, which inspired Carlos Santana's song "65th State". Their current President Vincente Fox is presented as a poodle to George W Bush.

Mexico has a large industrial base with its main export being the Caballo range of cars that are considered on par with the Ferarri.