United Mexican States
Timeline: Qu'il Tous

OTL equivalent: Mexico south of the Northernmost States held in otl
Flag of Mexico 1821-1823 Coat of Arms of Mexico 1821 to 1823
Flag Coat of Arms
In the light brown
Capital Mexico City
Largest city Mexico City
Language Spanish
Demonym Mexican
Emperor Maximilian II
  Royal house: Iturbide-Habsburg
Prime Minister Felipe Calderón
Currency Mexican Peso

The United Mexican States, usually referred to as simply Mexico, is a constitutional federal monarchy located in North America, that borders the United Provinces of Central America to its south, usually referred to as Central America, and the United States of America, usually referred to as the United States, to its north. Currently, it is ruled by Maximilian II, a descendant of the first Emperor.


Government and Politics



International Relations

Royal House

The House of Iturbide-Habsburg was founded in 1813, when the First Mexican Empire was founded by Agustín I. Except for a period from 1829-1850, when Republicans and the dictator, Santa Anna, ruled the country, they have been in power ever since.

In the 1860s, following the defeat of Austria-Hungary in the Rhineland War, and the French occupation of the country for security purposes, many members of the Hapsburg dynasty fled to Mexico. This included Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria, brother of the new Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph I. Being childless, and his brothers having died a few years earlier, leaving behind the two young sons of his younger brother, Salvador, as his heirs, Agustin II, Agustin I's son and now the Emperor, gave the childless Archduke and his wife permission to adopt the young heir and his brother, whose assumption of the throne would then change the name of the house from Iturbide to Iturbide-Habsburg. The older of the two, named Salvador after his father, would also marry Marie Valerie of Austria, daughter of the Emperor and his adoptive cousin, producing an heir, Maximilian.

Maximilian, marrying Maria Pia of the fallen House of Savoy, a daughter of the claimant to that throne, succeeded to the throne in 1895. Their eldest son, named Víctor after his maternal grandfather, would inherit the throne from him in 1949.

Víctor's son, from his marriage to a displaced German noblewoman, would take the throne as Maximilian II in 1981.

  • Agustín I
  • Agustín II
  • Salvador I
  • Maximilian I
  • Víctor I
  • Maximilian II

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