Official language Spanish, English and French widely spoken
Capital Mexico City (20,000,000)
Population 192,987,392 (2008 census)
Area 4,979,997 km2
Highest Point Pico de Orizaba (5700m)
Government type: Federal Democratic Representative Republic
'President' Felipe de Calderón e Hinojosa
'Vice President'
Independence 1863 (from France)
Currency Peso (MXN)
Religions Roman Catholic and Protestant
Military Forces 1.7 million men

Mexico, officially known as the United Mexican States is a country in North America. It borders the countries of Canada and the United States to the north. It has borders with Quebec-Louisiana to the north and east and to the south it borders Colombia. Mexico also has a very strong military and is a founding member of the North American Treaty Organization along with Soviet Russia, Quebec-Louisiana, Canada, and the USA. It is also a founding member of the United Nations and is active in peacekeeping missions throughout the world.

Mexico is one of the world's three superpowers alongside Soviet Russia and the United States. It has one of the world's largest economies, with the number one place changing hands between them and the USA on a daily basis. It is also the 6th largest country in the world, after Soviet Russia, China, Brazil, Canada, and Australia.


Mexico was born as a country in 1863, after having been under Spanish rule for over 300 years and under the French Empire for 62 years.
MexicoNapoleon's America

The country of Mexico.

The independence movement started when Emperor Napoleon died and ended shortly after. Mexico emerged as a world power because it already was the military and economic hub of the French Empire. It was born as a country with a powerful Army and Navy, and also with a booming economy.

As it gained independence, the country forged alliance with France's traditional enemies, which at that time was most of the world population. Mexico engaged in trade with the Russian Empire, England and the United States at first, but soon it was a major trade partner of many important countries. As Mexico's economy and military increased, it was seen as a threat by France to its colonies, so France was never a trading partner until after World War I.

After World War I started, Mexico's economy flourished as many countries requested weaponry, goods, and vehicles to the country. After winning, Mexico emerged as a super-power alongside Soviet Russia and the United States.

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