This is a list of Mexican Emperors

1. Empress Carlota : 1797-1830

2. Empress Maria : 1830-1874

3. Emperor Sebastian : 1874-1934

4. Emperor Sebastian the Second : 1934-1938, 1945-2004

5. Emperor Carlos : 2004-?

All of these are related to the Royal Family of Spain.

Mexico gained independence in 1797 from Charles the Fourth of Spain with control of all of New Spain. The Mexican Empire remained allies to Spain and Spain's allies. In 1938 Sebastian the Second was deposed by the Partido Nacional De la Union after the depression. But he was re-instated in 1945 when Allied troops captured Mexico City. In 1957 Carlos made Mexico into a constitutional monarchy with a parliament. The main parties are Partido real de democratas cristianos and the Partido republicano nacional del imperio.

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