This timeline belongs to the Napoleon's America timeline.

Mexican-Californian War
Date 1810-1812
Location Central New Spain

Decisive French victory.

Mexican resistance is completely destroyed and New Spain falls under French Rule.

New Spain joins the French Empire.
  • Mexican Insurgents
  • Spanish Royal Army
  • France

The Mexican Independence War was a short-lived conflict fought between Mexican Insurgents and the Spanish and later the French.

The attempt for independence was failed since the rebel leaders were executed and the remnants of the Insurgent Army was later crushed by the French.


The War itself started in September 16, 1810, when Father Miguel Hidalgo called the town of Dolores to fight against the harsh Spanish rule.

Father Hidalgo prompting Mexican citizens to fight the Spanish rule.

Initially the war was somewhat a success, since many towns and cities were taken by the rebels. However, it was also a massive massacre of Spaniards. Father Hidalgo couldn't hold back three hundred years of hatred toward the Spanish, and so, many Spaniards were brutally murdered.

Near Mexico City

Battle of Monte de las Cruces

As more and more people joined the independence movement, the Insurgent Army got closer and closer to Mexico City, since the small Spanish Army couldn't fight against a force so large, however unorganized it was.

In the outskirts of Mexico City, the Insurgent Army faced off against a small, but determined and well-armed Spanish force. Over 80,000 rebels faced a small force of 2780.

After the battle was over, 2000 Spaniards were dead as well as 3000 rebels. Soon after the battle, Father Hidalgo decided to retreat since he knew of Spanish reinforcements coming to Mexico City.

Hidalgo's Retreat

As the Insurgent Army retreated, the Spanish-controlled city of Guadalajara was taken by the rebels, and as before, many Spaniards were massacred.

There, in Calderon´s Bridge, Hidalgo's weakened army was defeated by Spanish General Felix Maria Calleja. Father Hidalgo tried to escape north, but the Spanish Royal Army eventually caught him and all the independence movement leaders. They were all promptly judged and executed.

French Arrival

With the French winning the Peninsula War and deciding to take New Spain as part of their growing empire, Napoleon sends a quarter of a million French troops, there they crack down on any remaining resistance and consolidate New Spain and Louisiana as parts of the French Empire.

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