The Mexican Empire is a nation that came into existence in its present form in 1821, with the revolution and eventual separation from the Spanish Empire. Meeting little opposition from the French and later the Americans, the Mexican Empire managed to keep control of California, Nevada and Texas; and also managed to seize hold of whole swaths of land in the Louisiana Territory. At the turn of the century, however, the Mexicans met opposition from the Russian Empire, who wished to expand her empire into the Pacific Northwest. A war broke out between the two powers, and after the bitter loss of tens of thousands of troops and millions of pesos and rubles in equipment, an armistice was signed in 1919 as a result of the Augustine Revolution, and a Soviet-friendly government was established in the disputed region left by the confusion as to the victor: the Native American Republics. The losses inflicted by the war put the Mexicans at risk for an invasion by the French. This sparked the Emperor to start a massive industrialization and militarization program which not only prepared for war, but also allowed the nation to move into the Industrial era, the first in the Americas to do so on a major scale. The Emperor did not invade the Florida Territory, however, because he decided the position would be too untenable, and in the 15 years it took to execute this economic plan, the French continued to build forces on the border in preparation for either an invasion from Mexico, or sudden orders to invade OTL Texas if the need arose.

Flag of Mexican Empire

Flag of the Mexican Empire (1856-Present)

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