The Mexican Congress is the legislative body of the Mexican government with 1000 members. Elections are held every 5 years. The Congress was established following independence, but it had a very limited role. The Congress became important in 1868 following the new constitution.


According to the Constitution of 1868, the role of the Congress is clearly outlined:

  • Congress approves the actions of the Imperial Court. A Congressional veto cannot be overridden.
  • Congress has the reserved powers to regulate international trade, maintain armed forces, and declare war.
  • Congressional approval is needed for signing alliances with foreign nations, an amendment to the constitution, or the removal of a government official.
  • Congress has power over Provincial Congress and Courts.


Elections for Congress Representatives are held every five years in all electoral districts. In case of the death of a representative during his term in office, the district will nominate a provisional representative for Congress. The Prime Minister is the head of the party that has a Congressional majority. The current Prime Minister was chosen in 2005.

Flag of Mexico (1821-1823)   Government of the Mexican Empire   Flag of Mexico (1821-1823)
The Emperor

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The Government

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The Armed Forces

Military of Mexico

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