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This article is about the Mexican Civil war in the Early World War I timeline. It took part during the World War I era, but isn't really connected to the rest of the first world war, as such the two wars just happened to occur at the same time.

The Start of the Civil War (1909)


Porfirio Díaz

The Mexican Revolution starts with revolutionaries in the North killing many government figures and army members. The revolutionaries call for liberalism and begin to gain more support across the country, however they only join forces because they all want more freedom and for Mexico to be more liberal however many different groups are in the revolutionaries all wanting different things. The President Porfirio Díaz calls for assistance from the USA; as the Mexican Civil War begins, and these revolutionaries begin to take control of Mexico through war, propaganda, pillaging, destroying anything related to the government, etc.

In the summer of 1909, Diaz attempted to put down the Revolutionaries by launching an attack on a revolutionary stronghold in Guadalajara. During the Battle of Guadalajara, much of the army was killed, and Diaz forced a retreat back to a safer place outside of Mexico City.




The Mexican revolutionaries weaken greatly this year, thanks to a large scale American-Mexican joint assault on various rebel strongholds.


The joint USA-Mexican armies defeat the last of the Mexican rebels in September and end the Mexican Civil War.

After-effects of the Mexican Civil War

While Mexico's president had stopped the various rebel groups trying to overthrow him, it was costly in that he was forced to cede a sizable chunk of northern Mexico to the United States. The USA were also seeming to becoming more involved in Mexican affairs; and the people, while benefiting from an improved rule, didn't like the idea of foreign nations ruling them. Only time would tell if Mexico was to benefit from increased US interference or not.

The USA on the other hand saw support for American expansionism increase in Washington as more politicians saw expanding the Union as a good idea. The USA was using propaganda posters concerning civilizing the Americas & the concept of "Manifest Destiny" was becoming popular again, mostly to justify the annexation of poorer nations like Cuba and Mexico. The US government also created two new departments from the newly acquired Mexican territories, making the departments of Baja California, Sonora and Chihuahua. A lot of US factories moved south to make use of the cheaper labor in the new departments.

This worrying US expansion also scared Mexican nationalists who saw the government selling out to the USA. The other nations in Central America and the Caribbean were also concerned, as the USA were becoming more involved in global affairs, expanding into Cuba and Mexico, and they practically owned the Panama Canal. Britain for one was unsure on what to do, Anglo-American relations were improving quite a bit, but this American expansion threatened British colonies, dominions and allies.