Mexican Civil War





Mexico, Yucatán


-Franco-Mexican Stalemate
-Mexico reforms back to a Republic
-Empire of Yucatán created with Maximilian as Emperor


Flag of France Empire of France (from 1861)
Flag of Mexico (1864-1867).svg Mexican Imperialists (under Maximilian I from 1864)
Flag of the Republic of Yucatan Empire of Yucatán (from 1866)

Flag of Mexico United States of Mexico
US flag 24 stars United States of America volunteers
Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865) Confederate States of America volunteers


Flag of Mexico (1864-1867).svg Maximilian I of Mexico
Flag of France François Achille Bazaine †
Flag of France Charles de Lorencez
Flag of Mexico (1864-1867).svg Miguel Miramón
Flag of Mexico (1864-1867).svg Tomás Mejía
Flag of France Napoleon III

Flag of Mexico Benito Juárez


Flag of France 100,000
Flag of Mexico (1864-1867).svg 32,000
Flag of the Republic of Yucatan 5,000

Flag of Mexico 91,000
US flag 24 stars 9,000
Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865) 4,000

Casualties and Losses

Flag of France 32,000 fatalities, 20,000 wounded or ill (25,000 fatalities from disease)
Flag of Mexico (1864-1867).svg 8,200 fatalities, 2,000 wounded
Flag of the Republic of Yucatan 1,000 fatalities, 500 wounded

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