The term Mexican-Californian War is used to describe two sequential, and at times parallel, armed conflicts in San Diego. From early 1998 to 1999, the war was between army of the Central American Union (CAU), and the Californian rebel guerrillas in San Diego County. From March 24, 1999 to June 10, 1999, the Axis Pact attacked Mexico, with the Confederacy and Florida both commiting to ground forces and Britain, the United States and the Caribbean Federation launching heavy bombing raids on Mexico. Californian militants continued battles with Mexican forces, resulting in a general conventional war between California and Mexico. Amidst a massive displacement of population in San Diego and southern California estimated to be close to one million people.

The Mexican-Californian War was described by some as being the first humanitarian war. It was the center of news headlines for months, and gained a massive amount of coverage and attention from the international community and media. San Diego and the bombing of Mexico was also a very controversial war and still remains a controversial issue, and since the end of the war, the country continues to be the most disputed territory in North America - and probably the world.

Mexican-Californian War
Date 1998–June 11, 1999
Location Southern California, some small parts of northwestern Mexico.
Result Treaty of St. Petersburg; CAU security forces pull out of San Diego County; CAU Yugoslavia maintains sovereignty.
No legal changes to the Central American Union borders according to the Treaty of St. Petersburg, but effective political and economic separation of San Diego from the rest of California and Mexico under Axis Pact temporary administration.
  • San Diego Liberation Army
  • Californians in San Diego and Tijuana
  • Republic of California
  • Confederate States of America
  • Republic of Florida
  • United States
  • Republic of Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • Greater Germany
  • German Commonwealth
  • Japan
  • China
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Central American Union
  • Mexico

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