Mehican Alliance
Mēxihcah Tlahtōlōyān
1426-1539 Flag Mehican Arcadia V4.png
Mexica Flag PM4 B.png Aztec Triple Alliance.png
Flag Coat of arms
Mexica 1465 PMIV.png
Central Mehico 1450's
Capital Tenōchtitlan
Languages Nahuatl,Cuicateco, Trique
Government Mehican City state
 •  Established early 15th centry
 •  Disestablished middle 16th century

The Mehica Alliance, also known as the Aztec Triple Alliance, Mehica Empire, or simply Mexica, is a confederation located in Mesoamerica, centered in the Mexico basin. Founded by treaty in the 1426(although the Mexica people had inhabited the area for many years prior)but edited a few times after. the nation was ruled by Emperor Moctezuma I.

After Some decades the Iberian Empire came into contact with the Mexica Alliance.First looking friendly The Mexican people gove them luxeries to them to make them go away and mind their own buisness.At the same time European deseasses spread to many people as many as one in two people died of it mostly children,the elder and sick.The alliance did try to recover but the greed of the Iberian crown made them attack the great country after less then a half decade of meeting the Mexicans.