Mexic is a nation in southern Dongjiang. The nation was the home of the Aztec Empire and the Maya city-states. Eventually, they were both invaded by Aquitania. The wealth of the region led to Aquitania becoming one of the greatest powers in the world. The nation was settled by Aquitanians. These settlers interbreeded with the native Dongjiangese, creating the Mesclar people. However, further settlement by pure Aquitanians, encouraged as part of a policy of settlement, led to the Mexicese Revolution. The nation rapidly industrialized, becoming a power able to compete with Europe. The great powerhouse fought wars with Aquitania, leading them to gain all Aquitanian holdings in Dongjiang. It gained strength and solidarity with time, and by 1340, was a superpower. However, newly independent Kambuja and other Tawantinist nations were fighting with Mexic's sphere of influence. The world teetered towards nuclear war several times, but did not. Eventually, with the signing of the Mexic-Kambujan Friendship Treaty, the two sides came to peace. Today, with the collapse of Kambuja following the treaty, Mexic is the only superpower in existence.

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