Republic of Mesopotamia
La Riebulizha dei Miesobodawia
Timeline: American Union

OTL equivalent: Iraq
Old Assyrian Flag
Flag of Mesopotamia
(and largest city)
Tiesifo (Ctesiphon)
Miesobodawianu (Mesopotamian)
  others Kurdish, Syriac, Arabic
Mesopotamian Orthodox
  others Roman Catholicism, Islam
Government Single party state
President Pietru Faru
Organizations International Conference, Russian Bloc

The Republic of Mesopotamia is a nation in the Middle East located along the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Mesopotamia is a Christian nation descended from the Roman province of Mesopotamia and speaks Mesopotamian, a language that evolved from Latin. There is also a sizable Arabic-speaking Islamic minority, as Mesopotamia was under Muslim control and domination until 1918.


Mesopotamia is nominally a republic, and legally multiple parties exist. However, all parties are required to be members of the Pertidi Nadionali (National Parties, PN). The PN is a coalition of parties that support the government, and the platforms of all parties must be approved by the PN Annual Congress. The votes in the Congress are determined by party influence, not by size or distributed evenly. The party with the majority (55%) of the votes is the Pertidu Sozhiale Nadionalista (Social Nationalist Party, PSN). Parties or candidates that disagree with the current state of the government are removed from the PN, and therefore ineligible to have be elected.

The current President of Mesopotamia is Pietru Faru, who is also the Chairman of the PSN. President Faru is nominally for reelection every six years (with the next election in 2012), but as he has the support of the PN, he is guaranteed reelection for the indefinite future. Faru also has a vote in the Parliament and is the chief justice of the Mesopotamian Supreme Court. As members of Parliament do not wish to be ejected from the PN, most tend to vote with Faru on every issue. A smaller party (also a member of the PN) is typically named the Opposidio nadional and is given the task of symbolically voting against all bills proposed by the PSN. The title of Opposidio rotates among the non-PSN parties of the PN, with the current holder being the Pertidu dei jelle Owuniste Miesobodawiani (POM, Party of the Mesopotamian Communists). The PSN is guaranteed 46 seats in Parliament. The remaining 54 seats are distributed to the parties of the PN (including the PSN) using the D'Hondt method. This usually results in the PSN having a majority of seats in Parliament.

Composition of the Mesopotamian Parliament

Party NameNumber of Seats
Pertidu Sozhiale Nadionalista
Social Nationalist Party, PSN
Pertidu Libeiiral
Liberal Party, PL
Pertidu dei jelle Owuniste Miesobodawiani
Party of the Mesopotamian Communists, POM
Pertidu Sozhialista
Socialist Party, PS
Pertidu Libeiiral Nadionalista
Liberal Nationalist Party, PLN
Pertidu Onseiruadista Nadionalista
Conservative Nationalist Party, PON
Pertidu Sozhiale Libeiiral
Social Liberal Party, PSL

It is important when looking at this table to remember that the PSN is given an automatic 46 seats in Parliament, and that of the remaining 54 seats the PSN won 24. Some Alliance of Nations observers have noted that the voters of Mesopotamia have been mostly voting for the Liberal Party, the most radical of the PN parties. Still, the Liberal Party must vote according to the PN line or else be removed from Parliament and legal existence.

Foreign Policy and Relations

The Faru government is a member of the Russian Bloc and is therefore friendly to Russia and hostile to the American Union. Mesopotamia sells oil to Russia at a cheaper price than to the American Union. Mesopotamia is considered by neighboring unaligned governments to be a threat to regional peace because it is officially Christian and it is allied with the Russian Empire, which wishes to take Turkmenistan from Iraq

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