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Current North American alliances

Mesoamerican and South American Commonwealth of Imperial States

It is a customs and monetary union in Mesoamerica, Central America and South America The three current members are the Empire of Durango, the Central American Empire and the State of Brazil.

Its main purpose is to oppose the other major American customs union called the GNAA and economic development. Its members also are required to come to the aid of fellow members when they are at war.





The current members are:


Empire of Durango: The GNAA is a serious party that has much more members than we do. I suggest that we extend our union to South America so we can actually combat the GNAA.

Central American Empire:well, despite I share the same feeling of Imperialism I already Have great Power, Controlling the Panama Canal is already Something Important as well that they are five already developed nations that have great war capabilities we are relatively rookies And even If we manage to Make Cuba Brazil and Chile in I doubt they would Attack Such A coalition Instead we should focus on taking more Control over the South America and stopping Chile's Process.

Empire of Durango: The Panama Canal would have fallen into disrepair over the recent years and I think we should befriend Chile, as they seem imperialist too.

Central American Empire: In fact, I Managed to get it working but not to get too much Commerce, maybe to be used some times, also yes we should Be friends of Chile. We could Get them To stop so that we can split up The rest of South America For us but I don't think the war against GNAA is an option as it's dangerous. I'll do what Ohio did in the CSA TEXAN WAR - GIVE YOU MEN but I'm not going to fight - just support you.

Empire of Durango: We agree, no war yet.

State of Brazil: War would be the same that shooting ourselves with a .45 with explosive ammo driving a car into an abyss. An analogy with the modern world would be Angola, Bolivia and Italy (not offense, but we all are actually poor countries if we compare ourselves with them) going to war against France, Germany, Russia and Japan or something like that

Central American Empire: Yes, we need to set more connections, as well Get more experience to do an attack despite we aren't doing it we just want to be Economical Axis of America and we can Cause we have More resources at Our hand, That's Why we shouldn't Let Any of the American Powers Reach South America, Except for Cuba.

Territories In northern South America

Due to that the Current function of the MSCIS is to set Boundaries of our Empires We should set them, Now I'm going to Put To maps and you will tell me which one you rather or you agree with.

Tell me if you think one of these fits.

I prefer the second one though I should have more territory southeastward because of Ecuador.

The reason that I didn't Add it is because Chile reclaims Ecuatorial Colonies as well.

I own north ecuador they own south ecuador simple

Yes, exactly. I think we should move more to Brazil Controls to take over more terrain.

Post your pictures in the part they are supposed to be in and make them smaller and on the right.

Fuel Problems and Oil Refineries in Mexico

Empire of Durango: What shall we do about the fuel problems?

Central American Empire: The major concern We currently Have is the energy Production, I'm using right now the Ethanol as a Clean way to impulse the Vehicles and all of that, But im not sure if this would be and eternal Solution i guess we could start or working on Solar Panels System, at least until our Scientist Are capable of Making a Solution to this issue

Empire of Durango: I suggest that we set up hydro-electric plants in the amazon as well as vegetable oil is supposed to run vehicles perfectly. We could be nation that run on hydro-electric and vegetable oil POWER!

Brazil: The same old gas should be a lot more cheaper, I think you should start to rebuild your refineries, Centro and I should start rebuilding my petroleum extraction and a way to transport it, you know, like a maritime route, so we need to start repairing ships and arming them. It could take a time, but we will be able to have an armoured vehicles army each one or a lot of different things. And think, the less pollution maker fuels are more expensive and rare, we can work with petroleum and hydroelectric for centuries (with the actual civilization) before seriously climate change.

Central American Empire: no, because eventually the environment will overcharge and slowly change the environmental Change and we as Ecuatorial And sub-ecuatorial Nations, would be the first affected, as well it might be cheaper now in the next years would rise and the price would a lot more Ingame as well as real life and there's not so many nations to buy it so its Not a Major Advantage Currently

Expansion and others

Central American Empire: we should Focus In the Territorial expansion especially you Brazil Start Thinking about Making Treaties With Us, and One for the Chileans. because you need to be prepared For territorial Conflicts with them, Mostly

Brazil: OK, I'm going for the central Brazil, and the south coast (thats why I ask ships), but first I'm going to build an armament industry, I just can't go shooting everyone with muskets, arquebuses and old rifles. and I need to train my people, but I'm going to expand soon, and Chile, OK it's far now, but I will try to not fight them, unless it is necessary, oh, and I'm going for Guyana, Centro you should go for North Venezuela and then South, you know there is oil there just say...

Empire of Durango: We also need a common currency for our customs union, maybe meso dollar or mesoco or any other name related to the theme of our union.

Central American Empire: That's my Plan, Through Northern Colombia Reach Venezuela And Guyana Esequiba, and yes We need it, also A flag on War Protocols for both Internal and foreign attacks.

Also i think this is How south America Will be when in 1978 or 1980


South America Conflict

of course I could Be wrong But it's likely that's why I think Planification Is important

To keep Our Control Over our terrains

So can I do The war Times Protocols?

Economic Section

Post anything that relates to economics here.

Empire of Durango: We should make a single currency for us to use. I propose it shall be called Meso Dollar.

Brazil: I guess so, a recommendation, if someone attacks us, we all answer, one of us attacks someone without reason and we all keep away.

Empire of Durango: I suggest that we see if Chile will join us, because if they do all of South America is ours.

Central American Empire: Yes, after That We Can Set Colonial Areas like saying Durango Can Go to Asia And Australia, me New Zealand and Brazil, Africa

Currency Vote

Time to vote on the name of the currency

Meso Dollar: 1. Brazil - Bauglir Zero 01:23, June 16, 2012 (UTC)


Denario Latino: 1. Empire of Durango - Willster22 2.Central American Empire - Sine dei gloriem

It has been decided that the official currency of the MSACIS is the Denario Latino.

We should expand into Africa

We all have the ability to go there just takes a long time.

Brazil: I don't think so, it is not profitable the long travels, spend your armies so far from home and think about the resistance over there, maybe in the future, but now, we should be more focus in the rebuild of industry and military, then in technology, after that in expansion.

Central American Empire: for you there wouldn't be any loss you are really close to Africa, the Distance My ships take to go to your nation and yet We trade enough, so It would Be Likely that you would be the Most Capable Of setting One In Central Africa

So Pretty much like I've said, we should divide the continents for us so we don't have any future conflict.

Durango Gets Oceania or Australia

Central America, West Africa And New Zealand

Brazil Central Africa

Durango: That makes sense.

Guys, don't mean to burst your bubble, but not yet. You have problems at home to worry about.

We know we are saying that for the future in which any of us can Set Outside Colonies so that we don't come into conflict between each other

All right, that's fine. Just saying, don't get ahead of yourselves.

Brazil: I know, I was trying to stop them, ha ha ha ha, for now it's implausible, we better get focus in ourselves, that's true.

Central America Empire : yeah we all know, that Colonization Will Probably Take Some time For us,Currently i want To Firstly Secure My Control Of Part of Yucatan And Northern Venezuela Before I send Ships To Colonize New Zealand Or western Africa.

Mexican Territories

Empire of Durango: another concern I have is that, what about allowing me to set a frontier Between Texas and me, In case that we end up in a war or Anything take A map or use this maps I have that would be like

We are an ECONOMIC UNION not militaristic. Let's focus on economy for now later we will focus on military.

Central American Empire: We are Of Militaristic Purpose And Economic but militaristic In the Same sense that the GNAA we help Depending On the situation An Example Is That I Need Help with Northern Colombian Tribes, Could Durango Help?

Yes I could.



War Protocols

Just three rules

  1. In the given case of an assault to one nation member either from foreign (Ohio, California, Lithuania) or Inner conflicts like say territorial disagreements or actual wars, at least two members should get involved and help the protection of the assaulted nation in the conflict, the collaboration will be both naval, and terrestrial.
  1. Scientific progress and tech must be shared, and any internal conflict will be ignored by the resistant members, unless the leader of the nation asks for support.
  1. If you attack another nation member give a logical reason, commerce with the GNAA is not forbidden, so the conflicts will not be accepted if they have an excuse like this, so outside that one, if you give a good excuse, we will not intervene in the conflict.

War. Invasion To Yucatan

Empire of Durango, I request Your Help into this War, if we win it we'll have the Entire Mexican Territory Under Our control Ensuring,we would Be the Major Nations To have Open control Of both Oceans, are you In with the war?

If we Manage To invade it, We can Make treaties For It.

I will help but only if I get half of the Yucatan.

Well, that's why I Said We Can Make treaties to set How Much Land Each Nation Receives Before Someone Took over it, And If we do fight Together for The Yucatan We should Firstly see Who Loses More Man And its Damaged More Before We said Anything Because you Might Receive Half of the Yucatan And Killed More Than Half of your Army

So, If we Won and We are In similar State I'll Give you The Pacific Half and I'll Keep The Atlantic One or we'll Make a Treaty when We Have it Under Our Control, OK?

I meant southern and northern halves. I get northern Yucatan you get southern

Quit The GNAA you can be in only one monetary and customs union at a time.}

wait - if mods don't Say anything I'll stay with them But if I'm said that I can by them I'll Quit

And Well, we first set up And Conquer Yucatan Before Anything After That I make map of what each One gets and you say if you agree or if you don't but if you want Northern, OK?

Hey Durango Are you going to Help with Yucatan War in the end or not? If you are not I will have to Stop the war.

I am helping in war. Stop nagging.

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