The Merinis (Moorish: ⵉⵎⵔⵉⵏⴻⵏ Imrinen, Spanish: Meriníes) was a clan of Zenata tribe descent that founded a dynasty that ruled western Mauritania from the 13th to the 15th century.

The Merinis overtook the Masmudis controlling western Mauritania in 1248, and briefly controlled all the north of Mauritania in the mid-14th century. They supported the Kingdom of Grenada in Wandalus (Iberian Peninsula) in the 13th and 14th centuries; an attempt to gain a direct foothold on the European side of the Strait of Tafarinas was however defeated at the Battle of Salado in 1340 and finished after the Castilian conquest of Portalbo from the Morenis in 1344.

The Merinis were overthrown after the 1465 revolt. The Wattasis, a related dynasty, came to power in 1472.

List of Merini rulers

  • Arbanyit I, 1244–1258
  • Yonan ben Arbanyit, 1258–1269
  • Yusef Yekub, 1269–1286
  • Yekub Yusef, 1286–1306
  • Baba Tatbirt, 1307–1308
  • Arbamun Slomon, 1308–1310
  • Azenzer Winrigh, 1310–1331
  • Afulay I, 1331–1348
  • Derbal Mazigh, 1348–1358
  • Aber Arsan, 1358–1361
  • Afulay II, 1361–1366
  • Baba Tashfin, 1366–1372
  • Afulay III, 1372–1374
  • Arbamun Izemrasen, 1374–1384
  • Afulay IV, 1384–1386
  • Afulay V, 1386–1387
  • Yanayer, 1387–1393
  • Arbanyit II, 1393–1398
  • Amunalbal, 1398–1399
  • Ugwistan, 1399–1420
  • Arbanyit III, 1420–1465

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