The Imperial States of America was formed after the failed re-election of Barack Obama, who lost to his opponent, Imperial Party candidate Arthur Meridonia.

President Meridonia began raising taxes to fund military spending, saying it was going to be used for "Universal Healthcare". However, the money was used to create new tech and new weapons systems. For instance, the XM8, scrapped a few years prior, was revived to replace the M16 family. The M1A2 tanks were to be scrapped and replaced by the NextGen Tiger tank, etc.

One year into his presidency, riots in the western states over the severity of the taxes caused  President Meridonia to declare martial law over the region. National Guard troops and insurgents battled in the streets, and chaos reined. However, it wasn't until the San Francisco Massacre that the Western States officially decided to act as one voice.

However, during a special meeting of Congress, President Meridonia declared total control of the government to himself, stating the United States must evolve into a more powerful nation. An Imperial Nation. Uproar emerged from Congress. Before anyone could act, U.S Rangers marched into the Capitol building, and following the Presidents orders, killed every single Congressmen in the building. Three days later, in a special state to the union, President Meridonia declared the United States of America "evolved" into the Imperial States of America. Thus declaring himself Emperor. At this news the Western States were in open outrage.

As a response the Western States declared themselves the Western Alliance. The sole purpose of this alliance to restore the United States to its former glory.

Six weeks later, Imperial Troops and Western Alliance forces clashed at the Battle of Cheyenne, Wyoming, a border state in the alliance. The shots have been fired. Let the Second American Civil War begin.

(Stay tuned for daily updates of the war, courtesy of ragemonkey117)

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